Blue Heron Training and Workshop opportunities.

May 12, 2015
Aboriginal Env Monitor Workshop

Aboriginal Environmental Monitor Workshop

May 4, 2015
Environmental Coordinator Fieldwork Auditing Training

Environmental Coordinator Training Series

May 11, 2008

Erosion and Sediment Control

This course will demonstrate the use of an effective Erosion and Sediment Control that can lead to a clean and manageable site as well as less money spent on a surplus of controls.
May 11, 2008

Environmental Permitting Triggers

Receive the latest information on the permit application process and environmental permitting triggers for mining projects in Ontario.
May 11, 2008

Environmental Monitor Data Management

This webinar aims to help beginners to Microsoft Excel organize spreadsheets and data into meaningful formats! Environmental Data collection can result in significant quantities of data pertaining to water quality, air quality, and soil quality sampling. Organizing and representing this data into meaningful outputs can be a tedious and challenging task. This webinar will teach the basics of data management using Microsoft Excel software.
May 11, 2008

Environmental Emergency Response Plans

This webinar aims to assist industry professionals in the development, and/or implementation of Environmental Emergency Response Plans. As the HSE culture has been prioritized in resource-based industries, the development of ERP and EERP has become a requirement...
May 11, 2008

Closure Plan Expectations

Ontario's regulatory requirements and triggers for a Closure Plan will be reviewed in detail. Participants will understand the approval process for Closure Plans and Closure Plan Amendments.
May 11, 2008

Building a Value-Added Legal Registry

Imagine this: You are an environmental coordinator for a mining company. The site management team is discussing a problem with scale build-up in the polishing pond pumps and pipes. A suggestion to remedy the problem in the least expensive way is to open a valve and allow fresh water into the pond to bring the pH of the water down. The outlet of the polishing pond is to final treatment and final discharge.