Environmental Health and Safety Management System Development and Support

Management Systems
Tailored to Your Facility

We have the expertise to assist you in developing a cost effective, integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems, or alternatively, specific individual Management Systems that are a priority for your site’s Management Team, taking into account available resources within your facility.

We work in close co-operation with your site team during the development of your management system by assisting you with:

  • setting your EHS policy,
  • determining your site-specific environmental, health and safety risks, and
  • risk ranking your potential impacts to Environment Health & Safety.

Assistance with
Proper Implementation

We facilitate the implementation of your system by assisting with:

  • The development of procedures for controlling your EHS risks and training of your staff on these procedures;
  • Setting objectives and targets to meet your continual improvement commitments;
  • The development and management of your environmental, health and safety management programs, to meet your objectives and targets;
  • The development and implementation of an efficient and cost effective document and records control system to meet the needs of your site; and
  • Conducting your facility’s regular management reviews, to ensure your systems’ ongoing effectiveness, suitability and adequacy.

We can Develop, Implement and Maintain a Comprehensive Management System that is Tailored to YOUR Facility

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