Managing Compliance

Designing Facility-Wide Environmental Protection Programs

Comprehensive Environmental Protection
Compliance Programs

Our firm has extensive experience in the development, implementation and management of Environmental Protection Programs.

We Can Help!

We can assist your EHS staff in the development and management of programs to ensure your site goes beyond compliance, and meet Best Management Practices for:

  • Tailings Facilities
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Management (Potable and Process)
  • Air Emissions Control
  • WHMIS and MSDS Management
  • Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management Programs
  • Non-Hazardous Waste Management and Landfill Site Operation
  • Radiation Protection Programs

Designed to Meet your Facility's Regulatory Requirements and Corporate Environmental or Sustainable Policies

Our professional services include:

  • Development and implementation of facility-wide strategies and programs for Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Data analysis, review and trending
  • High quality and competent data collection, including surface and groundwater sampling and field analysis and soil sampling
  • Regulatory and in-house environmental reporting


We can develop comprehensive Environmental Protection Compliance Programs for your site.

We can train your staff to be fully competent in the execution of all environmental responsibilities and assist with the management of your monitoring and reporting programs.

Past Clients

  • Glencore Canada
  • Kiewit-Allaire, A Partnership
  • EBC Inc.
  • Resolute Forest Products