Environmental Studies

Full Life-Cycle Environmental Studies

We have the staff and technical expertise required
to conduct environmental studies of any size.

From simple desktop screening exercises, to multi-component field-based studies. Our staff can conduct:

  • Aquatic Habitat and Wildlife Studies
  • Terrestrial Habitat and Wildlife Studies
  • Vegetation Community Studies
  • Waste Rock, Ore, and Soil Geochemistry
  • Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Leaching Prediction Studies
  • Hydrogeology and Hydrology
  • Surface Water and Groundwater Quality
  • Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Studies
  • Species at Risk Screening Studies
  • Archaeological and Traditional Land Use Studies

Typical environmental studies consist of one or more of the above listed components, depending on the type, scale, and location of the proposed operation, and its predicted environmental impacts.

What are Environmental Baseline
Studies Designed to Do?

Baseline environmental studies are designed to establish the environmental conditions at a site prior to any site development. Once established, these “baseline” conditions then provide a benchmark against which to monitor and manage any potential future impacts resulting from industrial operations at the site.

Are Environmental
Studies Necessary?

Comprehensive studies are a required component of Environmental Assessments, and they provide valuable information for inclusion with Mine Closure Plans and other environmental permit applications.

Because they contain important data regarding site conditions, environmental studies are also essential for directing site reclamation and rehabilitation activities.

Keep in Mind.

Since environmental studies need to account for temporal (seasonal) variation at the site, and require sufficient time to collect representative data, baseline studies should be initiated at least two years prior to any site development plans. This is especially important if your operation is subject to an Environmental Assessment.

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These Studies are a Critical Component of Today's Environmental Regulations

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