January 4, 2022

Environmental and Field Monitor – 6-Week Program

The Environmental and Field Monitor Program is designed to help participants understand the mining industry legislative requirements; best practices and standards with respect to environmental monitoring; wildlife management, data entry, reporting and the Health and Safety requirements while working with the environment.
August 24, 2020

Wetlands 101

Construction projects that occur near bodies of water have the potential to negatively impact aquatic organisms. There are several regulations to be mindful of, as well as more than one regulator that could inspect a site for compliance. This session provides a brief understanding of regulators/regulations around wetlands, how to judge wetland boundaries, and how to work around them responsibly.
August 24, 2020

Species at Risk | Introduction

Industrial activities can have impacts to the habitat of plant and animal species to various degrees. Activities within the potential habitat of listed species as Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern are regulated by the government under the Species at Risk Act and the Endangered Species Act. This session highlights permitting and timing windows to perform species at risk work.