January 17, 2024

Environmental Compliance for the Construction Industry

Could your project planning group use some refresher training with respect to environmental risk management and legislative compliance? Construction projects typically pose some level of environmental risk and are subject to environmental legislation that may be a challenge to navigate and manage. By providing environmental regulatory compliance training for work in Ontario, risks such as delays and penalties resulting in increased costs to projects can be minimized.
November 3, 2022

Introduction to the Liquid Fuels Handling Code – Environmental Focus

Common to most construction projects and industrial sites, fuel storage is an area of high risk for spills and potential harm to the environment. This session will review the regulatory requirements for fuel storage, and best practices for managing fuel storage, with a particular focus on environmental requirements.
August 31, 2022

MDMER – In-Depth Training

This session is a detailed review of the regulatory requirements and associated guidance documents, providing an in-depth review of the criteria for compliance, monitoring and reporting requirements. Participants will review the regulation itself in detail, highlighting key points and interpreting the requirements for their sites.
August 31, 2022

Legal Forum – Regulatory Updates

This 1-hour webinar is intended to provide information about provincial and federal environmental legislative changes that have occurred in the mining sector. We will also look at changes that may be coming in the next year to provide participants with compliance updates and discuss tools and practices for managing a legal registry.
August 31, 2022

Biological Studies and Timing Windows

Learn about the various biological surveys that are required for the support, or on-going operations of, Industrial activities such as mining or construction projects. This session will review applicable legislation, with a large focus on the key timing windows in which these surveys are completed. Case studies and calendar examples will be provided to help ensure proper planning of the upcoming field season.
August 31, 2022

Fieldwork Safety – Winter

This winter workshop will prepare your environmental field crews to perform environmental monitoring in a safe manner during the winter months. Topics include: Safety plans, communication procedures, Personal Protective Equipment, Wildlife Encounters, Vehicle Safety and Environmental Conditions