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Blue Heron was established in 2004 with the interest of providing practical assistance to resource based companies. Through experience gained from extensive work in the environmental field, Blue Heron staff are equipped provide assistance for all aspects of environmental management for your facility.

From grass roots site risk assessments, to full development and implementation of certifiable integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems, Blue Heron can provide the level of service your organization requires.


Aggressive Self-Reliance & Self Determination

Solitary in nature, Heron people follow their own path. They learn self-reliance. This is a valuable character trait in these times of conformity and homogenization of values.

Heron people can stand alone, listen to their own inner wisdom, and go their own way when everyone else is conforming to society’s commands. In this way, they build their own ways to be as well as choose their own way of doing.

Ted Andrews, Animal Speak (Llewellyn Publications: 1998)

Delivering Confidence to People with Environmental Responsibilities



To grow to serve more and more companies, indigenous peoples, and governments in Northern Ontario and elsewhere in Canada’s North.



Blue Heron’s multi-disciplined team delivers confidence to people with environmental responsibilities for Northern resource industries.



Our core value is to foster the balance between industrial development and the protection of our natural environment.



Linda Byron, Owner/Director/ Sr. Project Manager

Linda Byron, Owner/Director, of Blue Heron, is a professional Environmental Scientist who has been working in the environmental field since 1990. Ms. Byron has an honours Bachelor of Science degree from Laurentian University, and has extensive operational expertise in the practical, real-life environmental issues encountered in the mining industry.

Ms. Byron has been instrumental in the implementation of Certified Environmental Management Systems at large base-metal mining companies in Northern Ontario, Canada, and has assisted other resource-based industries in practical aspects of implementing and maintaining an effective EMS. She has also assisted industries with permitting efforts as well as development and implementation of compliance and training programs for mining operations in Canada and abroad.

Pamela Powers Senior Environmental Specialist

Pamela Powers, Operations Manager/Permitting Dept. Lead, joined Blue Heron in May 2012. Mrs. Powers has over ten years of experience in the environmental field in the mining industry. Mrs. Powers has been responsible for environmental management programs and the coordination of a variety of environmental projects, as well as permitting and regulatory compliance.

Mrs. Powers has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Technology from Brock University and a Certificate in Ecosystem Restoration from Niagara College.


Jennifer Braun, Senior Terrestrial Biologist

Jennifer Braun, Senior Biologist, has over 12 years of consulting experience. Mrs. Braun’s focus is on plant community classification, plant identification and species at risk. She has served as the vegetation and wetlands component lead for several large-scale environmental assessments.

Mrs. Braun also has over 12 years of experience leading wildlife surveys in the field, including species at risk surveys and habitat characterization. Jennifer is an active member of the Ontario Mining Association’s species at risk technical group that meets regularly to discuss updates in legislation and survey protocols. Her consulting experience includes project management, various plant and wildlife community studies, environmental assessments, baseline studies, impact assessments, mitigation, and associated reporting. The projects have focused on permitting requirements for the development of mining, hydroelectric, aggregate, and wind power projects.

Josie-Ann Tessier, Biologist - Project Manager

Josie-Ann Tessier, Biophysical Field Coordinator, has 8 years of experience in ecological sciences. Josie-Ann’s focus is on species at risk, plant community classification, desktop screenings for species at risk and natural heritage features, data management, and technical writing.

Mrs. Tessier also has over 5 years of consulting experience. Her consulting experience includes project management, various plant and wildlife community studies, environmental assessments, baseline studies, impact assessments and mitigation. She has been involved with several large-scale projects through which she has gained a thorough understanding of environmental legislature. The projects for which she was I involved have focused on permitting requirements for the development of mining, aggregate, and construction projects.


Jay Dickison, Senior Aquatic Biologist, reports out of Blue Heron’s Sudbury office. He has accumulated over 25 years of work experience in the environmental consulting industry. Jay Dickison - Employee SpotlightJay has been involved in carrying out: fish habitat assessments, fish community surveys, fish health assessments, monitoring of spawning runs, pit and floy tagging, mark/recapture surveys, fish removals/relocations, benthic invertebrate taxonomy and benthic invertebrate sampling.

Mr. Dickison is also experienced in the collection of supporting variables including water quality samples, lake profiles, sediment samples, stream flow measurements and physical habitat measurements and observations.

Kevan Cowcill, Senior Biologist, – Write-up Coming Soon!

Paul Smylie, Ecologist, is an Aquatic Ecologist with 15 years combined experience in environmental consulting and academia. Paul’s multi–faceted experience stems from an interest in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Project experience involves fisheries and bird protection work, as well as numerous fish salvages at culvert crossings for the transportation sector.

Mr. Smylie has conducted vegetation community analysis and Ecological Land Classification surveys in Northwestern Ontario for the Hydro industry. Sediment and erosion control inspections for numerous Ministry of Transportation (MTO) construction projects are also part of Paul’s experience.

Kara Gauvreau, Aquatic Biologist

Kara Gauvreau, Intermediate Biologist, has over 12 years of experience in environmental science and research. Kara’s focus is on fisheries management, fish and benthic identification, data management, and technical writing.

Kara has been involved with several projects and biological studies for the mining and aggregate sectors, through which she has gained a thorough understanding of environmental legislation. In addition to managing projects, Ms. Gauvreau has served as the field project technical lead for several large-scale fisheries assessments, and also has experience conducting wildlife surveys, including species at risk surveys, habitat characterization, and desktop screenings for species at risk and natural heritage features.

Brittainy Hewitt, Intermediate Biologist is based out her home office in New Liskeard with over 2 years of consulting experience and 4 years of experience in the fish culture industry as a technician and stocking coordinator.

Mrs. Hewitt’s experience includes public outreach, extensive field-based ecological, wildlife, and agricultural sampling, biological and water laboratory analysis, database management, manuscript and report preparation. She has experience conducting mark-recapture population studies, large scale agricultural plot studies, fish population studies, stocking/rehabilitating trout species, environmental sampling, and entering data for public record. Brittainy has two scientific publications in the Canadian Journal of Zoology and the Canadian Journal of Animal Science.

Ben Foster, Aquatic Biologist

Bradley Foster, Aquatic Biologist, has over 8 years of experience in environmental consulting and government. His focus is on fisheries assessments, construction inspections and mitigation measures.

Brad has been involved in several projects in the Transportation and Aggregates sectors gaining vast aquatic and terrestrial experience. His wide variety of project experience includes Ministry of Transportation (MTO) culvert crossing ecological assessments, plant community classification, benthic invertebrate sampling and identification, wetland delineations, and sediment and erosion control inspections. He is able to understand and interpret engineering and structural drawings in order to recommend mitigation measures to protect aquatic environments.

Dominic Durocher, Junior Biologist, is based in the Sudbury Office with one year of environmental consulting experience. He has recently joined Blue Heron after launching his second career in 2020. Raised in Timmins, Ontario, Dominic was employed as a landscaper prior to embarking in the environmental field, and is accustomed to working in various locations throughout northern Ontario.

Mr. Durocher graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Restoration Biology. While in school, Dominic was able to find work on many local environmental projects before gaining full time employment as an environmental consultant.


Pamela Powers Senior Environmental Specialist

Pamela Powers, Operations Manager/Permitting Dept. Lead, joined Blue Heron in May 2012. Mrs. Powers has over ten years of experience in the environmental field in the mining industry. Mrs. Powers has been responsible for environmental management programs and the coordination of a variety of environmental projects, as well as permitting and regulatory compliance.

Mrs. Powers has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Technology from Brock University and a Certificate in Ecosystem Restoration from Niagara College.

Anthony Mascioli, Senior Project Manager

Anthony Mascioli, Senior Project Manager, holds a Master’s degree in Geography with specializations in Biophysical Sciences and Geomatics / GIS from the University of Waterloo. Mr. Mascioli is experienced in environmental management systems, ISO 14001, conducting field site assessments and baseline designs using a combination of Geographical Information System Science and site visits.

Mr. Mascioli has experience in leading environmental permitting, baseline studies design, implementation of field projects, overseeing fieldwork and overseeing all GIS / cartography related work.

Jessica Labelle, Senior Project Manager

Jessica Labelle, Senior Project Manager, joined Blue Heron in 2022.


Cameron Ogilvie, Environmental Technologist / Environmental Permitting and Compliance Specialist-in-Training, joined Blue Heron in 2023.

Cameron graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Environmental Studies. His career has primarily been focused on assessing compliance with environmental legislation, most recently as an Environmental Officer with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Drew Lampman, Management System Specialist

Drew Lampman, Management Systems Specialist with Blue Heron Solutions for Environmental Management Inc., holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Waterloo.

Mr. Lampman has been working in the construction, manufacturing and resource-based industries since 1995.

Tiffany Garnett, Junior Environmental Engineer

Tiffany Garnett, Junior Environmental Engineer, joined Blue Heron Environmental in November 2021 and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Environmental Engineering from Carleton University.

Miss Garnett worked in the field for one year as an environmental technician at a fly-in open pit mine site near James Bay to help with closure for all of 2022.

Jessika Heinemann, Environmental Project Manager

Jessika Heinemann, Environmental Project Manager, with Blue Heron Environmental, holds a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies, and a minor in Physical Geography, specializing in resource management and hydrology.

Ms. Heinemann started off working in Environmental Compliance for industry, before working in the private, engineering consulting sector for 8 years as an Environmental and Hydrogeological Specialist.

Employee Profile, Male PlaceholderEric McNeill, Environmental GIS and Data Management Specialist,  has over 8 years of experience working with environmentally related geomatic systems. Eric’s focus is on the acquisition, management, and analysis of spatial data to create cartographic products.

Eric has ample experience working with geomatic software as well as on the ground collecting basal data. As a result of seeing the flow of data from field capture to the final cartographic product, he has a strong understanding of how to evaluate and present spatial data.


Nathan Towsley, Communications Specialist

Nathan Towsley, Communications Specialist, joined the Blue Heron team in January of 2010. Mr. Towsley returned to his hometown of Timmins from Yellowknife, NT where he worked extensively with industry, the Territorial Government and Indigenous communities on a variety of environmental and socio-political topics. Mr. Towsley specializes in cultural studies, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, workshop facilitation, and communication strategies and holds a degree in Geography from the University of Guelph.

Mr. Towsley has assisted a number of northern mining and exploration companies navigate the consultation process, and engage cooperatively with the public and Aboriginal communities. Mr. Towsley also designs and develops web, presentation and print materials for Blue Heron’s marketing department, as well as clients looking to engage investors, the public, or government.

Jo-Ann Pretsell, Administrative Assistant/Field Technician

Lynn Clement, Invoicing Clerk / AR, [Bio coming soon!]

Jo-Ann Pretsell, Administrative Assistant/Field Technician

Kelley Stanlake, Finance Clerk, [Bio coming soon!]


 Richard Riengeutte, Environmental Specialist

Richard Riengeutte, Senior Environmental Specialist, joined Blue Heron in January of 2016. Mr. Riengeutte has over 25 years of experience as an Environmental, Health & Safety Professional, providing him with in-depth knowledge of the acts and regulations impacting the mining industry.

Mr. Riengeutte possesses sound knowledge and experience in; construction, exploration, mining, milling, smelting, refining and water treatment processes. Experienced in utilizing risk management tools to identify, quantify and mitigate risks. Proficient with computers and a wide variety of software.


Sr. Auditor / QA/QC Manager / Department Lead

Kristin Maenpaa, Sr. Auditor / QA/QC Manager, joined Blue Heron in 2013 and is the lead contact at our new regional office in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Ms. Maenpaa holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Environmental Science and Toxicology from the University of Western Ontario, as well as a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Environmental Science from Capilano College.

Ms. Maenpaa has been working in the environmental, health and safety field within resource-based industries in Northern Ontario since 2002. Her areas of expertise include management system development and auditing, site decommissioning and closure activities, training program development and delivery, and dealing with environmental compliance issues.

Laura Wareham, Senior Auditor

Laura Wareham, Senior Auditor, has been a professional environmental manager and engineering technologist since 2002, with over 20 years of industrial and consulting experience within Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Technical expertise includes management of environmental compliance, application of legislation, implementation of ISO management systems and lead auditor experience. Strengths also include management of greenhouse gas accounting/verifications, aerated wastewater treatment plant systems and radiation safety.

Sonja Zours, Management Systems Specialist

Sonja Zours, Management Systems Specialist, with Blue Heron Environmental, holds a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Guelph.

Ms. Zours brings considerable experience as a team leader in the fields of quality assurance, risk management, regulatory program planning, and auditing.


Andrew Doyle, Technical Projects Manager

Andrew Doyle, Technical Project Manager, joined Blue Heron in October 2010. Having a background in Fish and Wildlife, Mr. Doyle has worked as a Technician performing groundwater and surface water sampling, streamflow measurements, electro-fishing, broad scale and fine scale netting.

Mr. Doyle has also sub-contracted to different exploration sites to help and monitor Health, Safety and Environmental (SHE) Development.

Ben Chorney, Environmental Technician

Ben Chorney, Environmental Technologist, joined Blue Heron Environmental in September 2021.  Mr. Chorney is a graduate of both the Environmental Technician Protection and Compliance program as well as the Environmental Technology program at Canadore College. Employee SpotlightHe brings a variety of experience to the team from compliance monitoring to baseline studies.

Mr. Chorney has conducted environmental based work across Ontario as well as in Nunavut. He is proficient in surface water and groundwater sampling, stream flow monitoring, air quality monitoring, site inspections and site rehabilitation.

Employee Profile, Male Placeholder

Jonathan Chester, Environmental Project Manager, joined Blue Heron Environmental in 2022. Jonathan’s environmental journey began after graduating from Confederation College’s Environmental Technician program. He started in the drinking water and wastewater sector but quickly found his true passion in mining. Employee Spotlight With over six years of experience, Jonathan recently served as the Environmental Coordinator for a gold mine near White River, Ontario.

Jonathan’s focus is on managing compliance, implementing field monitoring programs, obtaining permits, and managing data.

Ryan Brousseau, Sr. Environmental Technician, is a graduate of the Environmental Technician Protection and Compliance program at Canadore College.

Mr. Brousseau has experience working in different sectors of the environmental field including forestry and geochemistry. Before joining the team at Blue Heron, Ryan worked as a Resource Technician with the MNRF Growth and Yield Program for two field seasons.

Employee Profile, Male Placeholder

Tyler Marcotte, Sr. Environmental Technician, is a graduate of the Ecological Restoration Honours B.Sc.,  from Fleming College/Trent University.  Mr. Marcotte is familiar with conducting surface water and groundwater sampling at numerous different sites around the Timmins area.

Mr. Marcotte first began with Blue Heron Environmental as a student in 2017 learning how to conduct surface water and groundwater samples at various mining operations. Upon completion of secondary school, Tyler spent five months working alongside Senior Technicians on large surface water and groundwater monitoring projects.

Mr. Marcotte has since graduated university and has returned to Blue Heron Environmental as a Senior Environmental Technician.

Michel Huck, Environmental Technician, is a 2022 addition to our Blue Heron Environmental team.

Stay tuned for Michel’s bio.


Lynne Rasmussen, Environmental Compliance Consultant

Lynne Rasmussen, Environmental Compliance Consultant, joined Blue Heron in November 2021, to open a satellite office in Northwestern Ontario.

Lynne holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Ottawa. Ms. Rasmussen has been working in government and in resource-based industry since 2001, most formerly in the mining sector in Red Lake, Ontario.

Lynne has a variety of field experience as well as experience in permitting and compliance with numerous government acts and regulations.

Beth Sullivan, Project Coordinator for Northwestern Ontario

Beth Sullivan, Project Coordinator for Northwestern Ontario, brings with her five years of drinking water/wastewater treatment experience, half of which was spent in the mining sector.

Beth has experience in the interpretation and implementation of provincial environmental legislation as well as permit reporting. She has been the lead in the operating and troubleshooting of treatment processes and equipment while also supervising projects and site personnel.


Serena Maki, Training Coordinator

Serena Maki, Training Coordinator, has over 10 years of managing environmental compliance systems at a number of mining operations in Ontario. She additionally has 10 years in environmental toxicity laboratory experience. Ms. Maki graduated from Canadore College from the Environmental Biology Technology program, completing an internship with the Ministry of Environment and Energy’s Toxicity Laboratory.

Ms. Maki has an extensive background in managing environmental compliance at mining operations, and has been responsible for establishing and managing the environmental budget at mine sites.

Destinee Hutten, Environmental Training Specialist, is an Environmental Specialist with over 7 years of experience in environmental monitoring, with a specific focus in mine water treatment and effluent water quality compliance and reporting.

Destinee graduated from Fleming College’s Environmental Technology program in 2018.


Brad Cole, Training and Indigenous Consultation Supervisor

Brad Cole, Indigenous Affairs and Training Manager, has over a decade of experience in the coordination of environmental management activities in the mining and forestry industries, complemented by a deep understanding of the Canadian Environmental acts and regulations. Brad also brings a strong capacity for visioning the long-term impacts of projects, complemented by the ability to chart pragmatic strategies for mitigating risks.

Mr. Cole’s experience encompasses conducting environmental site assessments and developing environmental management systems, as well as experience in facilitating consultations with First Nations communities and the public at large.

Kathy-Lynn Morrish, Permitting Coordinator

Kathy-Lynn Morrish, Permitting and Indigenous Community Support Specialist with Blue Heron Environmental holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Environmental Biology and Technology from Nipissing University.

Kathy has more than 15 years of experience in the mining industry focused on compliance with Acts, Regulations, Permits and Authorizations from various government agencies.

Kathy has also supported Indigenous communities and organizations in the implementation of environmental management and the development of consultation protocols.

Serving First Nation Communities and Indigenous Organizations

Zhashagi, the Ojibway word for “Blue Heron”, is a wing of Blue Heron Environmental that focuses specifically on providing assistance to Indigenous peoples, with respect to:

  • Environmental training and mentorship for individuals and/or committees;
  • Reviews of Environmental Assessments, permit applications, and environmental management plans for resource based development projects;
  • On-site support for environmental monitoring;
  • Helping to bridge the gap between Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and western science.


Indigenous Community Support Consultant

Zhashagi, in partnership with Blue Heron Environmental, provides Indigenous communities and companies with expertise as it relates to environmental monitoring, independent environmental reviews, and training. Zhashagi is seeking an Indigenous Community Support Consultant to join the team to help ensure continued quality service to their expanding client base.
This position is a remote work opportunity based out of the comfort of the successful applicant’s home office and will require some travel.

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