February 13, 2020
Consultation Strategies

Consultation Strategies | Practical Permitting Series

Learn best practices for engaging the public, Métis, as well as First Nation communities, with the goal of developing long term relationships for industrial development.
January 23, 2020
Baseline Studies to Support Permits

Baseline Studies | Practical Permitting Series

Baseline studies are required to support permitting and approvals – they are done to understand the existing environment so that predictions can be made to show how a project may affect the environment in the future. Through the use of case studies, students will be introduced to scoping, planning & executing baseline studies in Ontario.
December 5, 2019
Environmental Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments | Practical Permitting Series

The environmental assessment process ensures that governments and public bodies consider potential environmental effects before an infrastructure project begins. This session will review the triggers for a project to become subject to an EA, and the criteria of an Environmental Assessment for a project. New CEAA rules will be discussed.
November 14, 2019
Mine Closure Plans

Mine Closure Plans | Practical Permitting Series

Ontario’s regulatory requirements and triggers for a Closure Plan will be reviewed in detail. Participants will understand the “approval” process and information requirements for Closure Plans and Closure Plan Amendments.
October 8, 2019
practical permitting environmental permitting

Environmental Permitting | Practical Permitting Series

SESSION 1: Environmental Permitting --- Participants will learn what triggers exist for environmental permits in Ontario, while also being introduced to “Permit Planning” using case study examples.
June 5, 2019
Zhashagi - Indigenous/Industry Consultation Workshop

Tools for Meaningful Consultation

You are invited to a hands-on workshop to receive the tools to help you facilitate consultation efforts using mining-related examples.
June 5, 2019
Big Event Canadian Mine Expo

Big Event | Canadian Mine Expo

April 4, 2019

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid is a two-day introduction to general medical concepts and basic life support skills. It is targeted to those who are required to conduct work in remote wildness settings and outdoor enthusiasts that spend time in the wilderness for leisure.
May 14, 2018

Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol (OSAP)

This course is designed to train and certify users in a variety of standardized Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol (OSAP) manual techniques for evaluating habitat, invertebrate and fish communities in wadeable streams.
January 29, 2018

SEMINAR | Environmental Coordinator Workshop (Timmins)

Our Environmental Coordinator Workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the environmental responsibilities that exist within the framework of a modern day mining operation.
June 26, 2017

SEMINAR | Environmental Technician Workshop

June 26-30, 2017 | Timmins, ON Our Environmental Technician Workshop focuses on a variety of topics that help you become a safer and more effective monitor. Participants will learn proper monitoring techniques at industrial sites, and the laws […]
May 31, 2017

Timmins Big Event | Mine Expo

The Big Event, Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins, Ontario is becoming well known as Canada's largest gold mining show.