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Multi-disciplined, trained workers and an internal response team are the best defense and do more to prevent the escalation of an event in the first few minutes than any outside agency or response service can do when they arrive on the scene.

Our website has a variety of emergency response products, spill kits, training courses, and inspection services.

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An Online Catalog for your convenience

Warehouse stocked with Emergency Response Supplies*

Spill Containment Solutions and Absorbents

Workshops and Certification Courses

Spill Kit Maintenance Packages*

24/7 Emergency Response Service*

* Emergency response services may only be offered from our Head Office. Please Contact Us to inquire.

Be Prepared for Environmental Emergencies... We Can Help You Respond Safely and Effectively


Environmental Emergency & Spill Preparedness Support

Need assistance with the development / implementation of a SPCP or E2 Plan?

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