Communication & Consultation Support

Prepared to Help You Effectively Communicate Your Project Details

Improve Project Understanding
& Communication

Improving communication and project understanding can minimize risks and eliminate the need for grievance mechanisms and costly delays. We can help you satisfy the statutory requirements for Consultation, using proven methods to bridge gaps in understanding.

Take a step in the right direction by allowing a Third Party Review service to independently analyze and communicate your technical documents.

Our Third Party Review
& Consultation Services can help you:

  • Develop your First Nation consultation plan to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Plan transparent and structured consultation and round table meetings;
  • Develop a detailed analysis of technical documents into terms understood by broad audiences;
  • Communicate existing, or planned, environmental protection measures; and
  • Meet regulatory requirements related to “reasonable and meaningful consultation” with environmental aspects of your project.

A Greater Understanding by Stakeholders of Project Details can Lead to a More Collaborative and Cooperative Environment

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