Compliance & ISO Auditing

Regulatory and Management System Audits
Auditing is an Essential Tool for Maintaining Compliance and Conformance.

Have you recently conducted an audit of your
Environmental or Health and Safety Programs?

Consider this: There is no need to “fear” audits. Use them to your advantage!

Audits can be an excellent tool to help your facility:

  • Identify environmental, health and safety risks;
  • Identify resource needs to management;
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Identify continual improvement needs;
  • Provide Corporate Assurance that risks are managed effectively;
  • And much more.

Audits can take
a variety of forms.

They can be informal, where a short and simple discussion is held with reviewers to identify any gaps in legislative or management system requirements; or, they can be formal, with interviews, tours and record reviews that can over a number of days.

Project Experience

Glencore Canada

Kidd Operations (EMS and Compliance Audits)
Sudbury Operations (EMS, Compliance and MAC TSM Audits)

DeBeers Canada

Victor Project – EMS and Compliance Audits


Ontario Operations - Environmental Health and Safety Compliance and Management System Audits for Kapuskasing Sawmill/Newsmill, Hearst Sawmill, Chapleau, Cochrane, Corporate Office

St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd.

Ontario Operations (Holt-Holloway Mine, Taylor Mine, Hislop Mine, Aquarius Mine, Clavos Mine) compliance audits

Goldcorp Limited

Porcupine Gold Mines – Environmental Compliance Audits and Cyanide Code Gap Analysis
Red Lake Gold Mines – Cyanide Code Gap Analysis