Environmental Technician Winter Fieldwork Monitoring

Fieldwork Training with an Emphasis on Safety and Accuracy
Learn the principles and techniques for winter environmental fieldwork monitoring.

Course Benefits

  • A hands-on experience using fieldwork monitoring and sampling equipment
  • Understanding monitoring programs and reporting requirements
  • Safety considerations when operating on ice, and in remote locations

Environmental Technician Winter Fieldwork Monitoring

Workshop Details

  • COST: $$$
  • DURATION: 3 Days
  • CLASS SIZE: 5-12 Students

DESIGNED FOR: Technicians responsible for developing and implementing environmental monitoring programs at industrial facilities.

Technical Description

This program focuses specifically on winter fieldwork monitoring and covers topics from legislative requirements to working with site-specific permits.

Topics covered include:

  • Water sampling and streamflows, snowpack readings,
  • Winter site-inspection considerations,
  • Field equipment calibration exercises,
  • Legislative requirements and data collection parameters, and
  • Field sample transportation and storage.

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