Spill Response Basic Training Workshop

Planning is the key to success. Be prepared to
respond to environmental spills safely and effectively.

The objectives of our workshop are to ensure participants are equipped to respond to a spill through containment, clean-up, reporting and restoration.

Our basic training will also incorporate considerations for overall response safety protocols and the protection of the environment.

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Workshop Benefits

  • Workplace Health and Safety Considerations

  • Spill Prevention Techniques

  • The Identification and use of a Variety of Spill Absorbents

  • Correct Application and Understanding of Spill Response Situations

  • Containment Equipment Principles

  • A Test of Response Competency Through Mock Desktop Spill Drills

Workshop Topics

  • Overview of Regulations

  • Technical Aspects of Spill Response and Clean-Up

  • Safely Responding to Spill Events

  • Simulated Exercises on Land and in Water


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