SPCR and Reporting Workshop

Spill Prevention, Contingency and Response

Ensure you are planning for environmental spills in
your workplace, while adhering to legal requirements.

This course is designed to inform industry management and environmental professionals regarding the requirements of Ontario SPCR and Reporting.

Our training will incorporate considerations for overall response, safety protocols, and the protection of the environment.

We will address legislated requirements related to the development and implementation of SPCR Plans, providing operators with templates and useful tools in SPCR document development, and will assist participants in designing spill mock exercises and training programs for their facilities.

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Workshop Benefits

  • Workplace Health and Safety Considerations

  • Spill Prevention Techniques

  • Understanding of Site-Risk Assessments

  • Correct Application and Understanding of Spill Response Situations

  • Understanding of Legal Requirements

Workshop Topics

  • Useful Tools in SPCR Document Development and Implementation

  • The Legislative Requirements of a SPCR Plan

  • Safely Responding to Spill Events

  • How to Design Mock-Spill Exercises


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