Environmental Awareness for Leaders

A course for managers that need to understand the liabilities related to
environmental issues arising from industrial activities.

Our Environmental Awareness for Leaders workshop will answer why managing environmental risks is important, discuss environmental penalties and legislation, and provide participants with a ‘toolbox’ for ensuring due diligence with respect to environmental compliance and best management practices.

The course is structured to provide management personnel with information they require to ensure that environmental risks are managed at their sites, to reduce potential liabilities and ensure environmental systems are managed effectively.

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Workshop Benefits

  • The Latest Information Regarding Legislative Requirements in Ontario

  • Learn the Responsibilities of Management Personnel Related to Environmental Legislation

  • Information Regarding Potential Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Tools to Manage Environmental Risks that Arise from Industrial Activities

Workshop Topics

  • Personal Responsibility to the Environment

  • Basic Environmental Risk Management Techniques

  • Acting Beyond Legislative Compliance

  • An Overview of Legislation


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