Participants will learn about common Species at Risk (SAR) in Northern Ontario and what is involved in desktop and field Species at Risk surveys. The session will describe the approval process for a mining project in the event of a SAR discovery during a site survey and what conditions may be applied to the approval.

Species at Risk (SAR) Surveys

Insight into Permitting Requirements

If you want to know where and when you can cut trees, clear areas, or build something then this webinar is for you!

Developments today are impacting the habitat of plants and animals. Some of these species become at risk and are listed provincially or federally as Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern. Activities within the potential habitat of these species at risk are regulated by the government under the species at risk act and the endangered species act.

This webinar gives some insight into the legislation but is mostly focused on permitting and timing windows to perform species at risk work.


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