Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater Sampling Equipment

Groundwater Tubing

This tubing offers unique open pleat geometry and 600 square cm surface area provide the maximum media exposure while ensuring that even with the most turbid samples, you will not lose filtration media to blinding.

Produced from virgin polyethylene resins, and does not contain any UV stabilizers.

Foot Vales

This external fitting self-tapping screw-threaded valve is moulded from Delrin plastic for general use.

The D25 foot valve can be tightened by hand or by using a custom built Waterra tubing wrench.

Groundwater Filters

The FMT-45 also offers the user greater flexibility over other products by providing a compound inlet.

It has both a 3/8" threaded nipple and a 1/2" hose barb allowing the filter to be attached easily to a variety of pumps and tubing size.