Wild Parsnip Giant Hogweed in the Timmins District

Wild Parsnip

Everything You Need to Know

Wild parsnip is an invasive plant native to Europe and Asia. It was likely brought to North America by European settlers, who grew it for its edible root. Since its introduction, wild parsnip has escaped from cultivated gardens and spread across the continent.

How to Identify Wild Parsnip

  • Grows up to 1.5 metres tall.
  • The single green stem is two to five centimetres thick and smooth with few hairs.
  • Compound leaves are arranged in pairs, with sharply toothed leaflets that are shaped like a mitten.
  • Yellowish green flowers form umbrella-shaped clusters 10 to 20 centimetres across.
  • Seeds are flat and round.

Source: www.invadingspecies.com/wild-parsnip/

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