Towards Sustainable Mining

We Have Qualified
Professionals to Assist You

Blue Heron is pleased to announce that we have 2 new MAC TSM Verification Service Providers (VSPs), increasing our team to 5 VSPs based out of Timmins, Thunder Bay, and Ottawa.

If your mine is a member of Mining Association of Canada (MAC), participation to TSM is mandatory and we’re here to help you! Our team of VSPs can conduct the required third-party external verifications that are required every three years, or better yet, we can help you develop systems and programs that will meet the requirements of TSM.

What is Towards
Sustainable Mining (TSM)?

Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) is a set of standards to measure against to determine the sustainability of a mine and adhere to best practices in environmental management, safety and community engagement. It is based on effective, on-the-ground performance protocols that allow mining companies to effectively manage their key risks while continually progressing and remaining transparent.

A list of Verified Service Providers can be found: HERE.

Understanding the
TSM Protocols

TSM Guiding Principles are backed by a suite of protocols that mining companies measure and publicly report their performance against in the annual TSM Progress Reports.

  1. Aboriginal and Community Outreach
  2. Energy and GHG Emissions Management
  3. Tailings Management
  4. Biodiversity Conservation Management
  5. Safety and Health
  6. Crisis Management and Communications Planning
  7. Preventing Child and Forced Labour
  8. Water

Our Qualified Professionals

All VSPs must participate in a MAC TSM verification workshop prior to performing any verification work.

Our qualified Staff include:

For more information on the Scope of Work VSPs undertake, visit the Terms of Reference document at MAC's website.