We Have Qualified
Professionals to Assist You

Blue Heron has three fully trained MAC TSM Verification Service Providers (VSP) who can provide your operation with consistent, accurate and transparent assessment.

What is Towards
Sustainable Mining (TSM)?

Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) is a set of six protocols developed by the Mining Association of Canada that companies use to measure their performance.

Member organizations and qualified personnel adhere to the principles of TSM and demonstrate leadership by:

  • Engaging with communities
  • Driving world-leading environmental practices
  • Committing to the safety and health of employees and surrounding communities

A list of Verified Service Providers can be found: HERE.

Understanding the
TSM Protocols

TSM Guiding Principles are backed by a suite of six protocols that mining companies measure and publicly report their performance against in the annual TSM Progress Reports.

  1. Aboriginal and Community Outreach
  2. Energy and GHG Emissions Management
  3. Tailings Management
  4. Biodiversity Conservation Management
  5. Safety and Health
  6. Crisis Management Planning

Our Qualified Professionals

All VSPs must participate in a MAC TSM verification workshop prior to performing any verification work.

Our qualified Staff include:

For more information on the Scope of Work VSPs undertake, visit the Terms of Reference document at MAC's website.