Biological Services

Identify the Species at Risk to Understand and Mitigate Project Impacts.

Our team of Project Managers, Terrestrial Ecologists and Environmental Specialists can perform wildlife surveys including SAR to confirm their presence and to recommend the appropriate action. We can do a simple desktop screening and all levels of environmental studies including:

  • Species at Risk Surveys and ESA permitting
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Breeding Bird Surveys and Nest Sweeps
  • Site Evaluation Reports
  • Fish Habitat Assessments
  • Stream assessments
  • Natural Heritage Evaluations
  • Ecological Baseline Studies
  • Detailed Vegetation Inventories
  • Wetland Evaluations in Ontario (OWES certified)
  • (OMNR) Ecological Classification System in Southern Ontario

What Exactly are
Biological Services?

Biological services involve the study of the interaction between the species (plant or animal) and its habitat. Our services range from species at risk surveys to ecological land classification that help determine the significance of natural features. We have extensive experience in assessing the impacts of a proposed project and to mitigate for the proposed activities in order to protect the form and function of the natural features.

Project Experience

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