Permit to Take Water PTTW

Proposed PTTW Exemptions for Short-term Water Takings

Technical Document:

Technical Discussion Paper on Short-Term Water Takings and Environmental Activity & Sector Registry (EASR) was posted on March 6, 2015 (EBR # 012-0580) by the MOECC, with a comment period ending April 20, 2015.

Regulation to be modified:

O. Reg. 387/04 – Water Taking Regulation

The paper summarizes proposed modifications to O. Reg. 387/04 (Water Taking Regulation) under the OWRA with regards to the PTTW program.

Key Modifications Include:

  1. Clarifying activities that would no longer be considered a "water taking."
  2. Exempting, subject to conditions, specified water taking activities from requiring a Permit to Take Water (PTTW).
  3. Regulating select, short-term, non-recurring water taking activities through the Environmental Activity & Sector Registry (EASR) program rather than requiring a PTTW.

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