Liquid Fuel Handling Code LFHC

Proposed Liquid Fuels Handling Code 2015

Technical Document:

Draft LFHC 2015 posted on EBR (#012-2555) on Dec. 4, 2014 with comment period ending 10-Sep-2015.

The Liquid Fuels Handling Code (under Ontario Regulation 217/01) (LFHC) regulates the storage and handling of gasoline and associated products at bulk plants, marinas, retail outlets and private outlets. It also contains requirements for environmental remediation, equipment installation and operating requirements for gasoline facilities.

The key changes from the current Code requirements that are under consideration include:

  • Electronic Line Leak Detection required on all underground, double-wall pressure piping by 2020
  • Removal of all underground single-wall steel tanks within 12 months if one of those tanks leaks
  • Removal of all underground single-wall steel piping within 12 months if one of those lines fails the cathodic protection test or leaks
  • Removal of underground single-wall steel tank if out of service for one year or more
  • Manifolding of vents no longer allowed
  • All below-grade submersible pumps must be installed in a monitored sump by 2020
  • New section for private card/keylocks
  • Environmental assessment reports must delineate the full extent of any petroleum product that has escaped in the area(s) where the tanks, piping or dispensers were located

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