A Friendly Greeting
from Mongolia!

A client and friend who participates in our annual Resource Industry Calendar Photo Contest shared a photo from across the world.

We met Dan while working on the EHS Management System at Centerra Gold’s Boroo Gold Mine.

The photo displays a number of traditional Mongolian items, and Dan was gracious enough to take this photo and explain the symbolism behind each item.

Thank you, Dan for your continued support!

Contest Winners


Knuckle Bones

Depending on which side lands upwards the bone is determined to be either a horse, camel, sheep or goat. The combination of animals predicts your fate.

Snuff Bottle

Used in formal greetings, passed between greeters.

Silver Bowl

Used ceremonially for drinking horse milk vodka during ceremonial occasions

Blue Sash

Symbolizes the Eternal Mongolian Blue Sky. The sash can be found tied to trees and rocks as a means of bargaining with the spirits.

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