Proudly Supporting Reclamation
and Remediation Activites

Blue Heron is pleased to announce that it has joined the Canadian Land Reclamation Association. A leader in the advancement of reclamation and remediation of environmentally disturbed lands and waterways.

As a CLRA member we are able to participate and collaborate with leading researchers and experts in the field of land reclamation. This includes mining, aggregates, brownfields and techniques that can be applied at a much smaller scale. We are excited to be CLRA members.

41st CLRA's National Annual General Meeting
and Conference | June 26-29

Join Blue Heron and CLRA in promoting the many varied accomplishments achieved in the field of reclamation at the Timmins/Porcupine mining camp.

Take a moment to stop by our booth this summer. We look forward to meeting you!

For more information, visit the CLRA website: HERE